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Patents for inventions

A patentable invention shall be a new (in a global sense) technical solution which does not obviously result from prior art and which can be used for practical purposes. Inventions shall be deemed to be new, if before the date determining the priority for obtaining the patent it had not been available to the public (by publication, public implementation, display at a public exhibition etc.) in a manner providing knowledgeable persons with data sufficient for their implementation.

A patent confers upon the owner the exclusive rights to exploit the invention in the entire territory of the Republic of Poland. Such exclusive rights shall be valid for up to 20 years, beginning on the date of the filing a patent application with the Patent Office. A patent may be granted after a proper application has been duly filed, examined by the Patent Office (novelty, applicability, obviousness etc.) and after the payment of a protection fee. Once the patent has expired, the patented technical solution shall be freely available.

Last modification: 08.10.2003