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Utility models

Utility model eligible for protection is any new (in a global meaning) and useful technical solution affecting shape, construction or permanent assembly of an object. The utility model can be considered as new if before date determining the priority for obtaining the protection it has not been available to the public (by publication, public implementation, display at the public exhibition etc.) in such way as to give experts sufficient data for its application.

Protection right for utility model confers on owner the exclusive rights to exploit the model on the entire territory of Poland. Registration of the utility model lasts up to 10 years, starting from the date of filing the application with the Patent Office.

Granting the protection rights comes after filing a regular application, examining the application by Patent Office (of novelty, usefulness etc.) and paying a protection fee. After the protection of utility model expires using the model is free to everybody.

Last modification: 08.10.2003